OK-so this stuff works! Chris Fezzler is a guy who had a true desire to take-up his recording ideas. His first demo (after a workshop I gave) was promising, but rough-which was just fine, and as they often are. IT’S A DEMO-just to capture first thoughts!

After some advise his next one was MUCH better; he had added drum loops and it was to a click track, and a few other things. Already, he had taken it way up. When I asked about his software he said he’d done it in another non-pro version of something I didn’t know about. I asked why? Because he was more comfortable with it and it booted faster. I said “What?” You need to be using “real stuff”-the same stuff you’ll use everyday, to really take this up and make it shareable with others. I reminded him that his Pro Tools he had just bought was his own personal slave and was there to serve him…not scare him. Now-he would have an “expandable demo”: a demo which he captured his first thoughts with, but also would end up being (at least part of) the final master.

Then along came his semi-final version, done in Pro Tools. Again-A+ on his work! I went to his house and helped him with a few obvious things I saw as places to get hung up. From there I showed other things I would personally do if it were my own song, and the sequence of doing them. We recorded. I gave him more homework. As always, he did it. Closer…closer….

Last session was to get this in shape to present, in other words-past the songwriting demo. More overdubs and I gave him the reasons for why as we went. The result; a produced, polished, completed song. I think it came out pretty damn well! Chris is willing to bare his soul here…another thing real songwriters do everyday. I am totally proud of his efforts here. Fine’.

Firebird Man-by Chris Fezzler!

Good (snip)-https://soundcloud.com/jamie-hoover-popster/fbman1
Better (snip)-https://soundcloud.com/jamie-hoover-popster/fbman2
Best (full mix)-https://soundcloud.com/jamie-hoover-popster/firebird-man-mix



Quote from Chris Fezzler: "Working with Jamie was a blast and a real education! He gave me the encouragement and coaching I needed to actually step out of my comfort zone and attempt to write and produce a real song. The final tune was a result of his willingness to generously share his musical, engineering and production expertise to make my ideas come alive. I hope you like it. I highly recommend his services. Can you guess who the song is about?"