My good friend and reader Chris Fessler brings these three very true ideas to my attention:

Ritual. We all have a right to certain things in our lives, such as health (if we want it), happiness (if we choose it), and the right to take time to create something if we feel our idea needs to grow into something tangible. We have as much right as anyone else does to do the things we like, as long as we harm nobody-to clear our minds. Daily exercise, recreation, building your brain (reading), and creating music all come to my mind together, as one. Mainly here, I say we have the “rite” (honk honk-as in a ceremonial ritual)-to take this time for ourselves, if for no other good reason. Just for the mental health aspect of letting go and forgetting the world around us, we must sometimes take our own time. Painting, sculpting, whatever…the list goes on and on. Give yourself the time. Create a ritual hour or two regularly for, you guessed it…making music, if that's what you create.

Write. Put it down on paper, sing into an answering machine, type into a computer. Write! Write as much as you want to or can deal with. You might toss 55 out of 60 things away, but you must write. At the risk of being repetitive (and I repeat) Write!

Right. You have the “right” to put down your thoughts, no matter if anyone likes them, or even bothers to consume or feast on them at all. Others may have had-or done the same ideas as you, before you-yourself did them. That just doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you have the right to do it, and that you take the time to get it as right (correctly done) as you want it to be done. Do it until you are happy with it. Make it right, for yourself.

So to recap: Create a rite (a ceremonial act), to write (and re-write), until you get it right. (Correct?)