Davey Rusnak and Chris Fezzler who are readers of my EZ Tips both wanted to hear songwriting tips, so here are a few good ones: Don’t get hung up in rhyming every line. Also, don’t fix on the timing of a lyric being exactly the same either. There seem to be scads of rules in songwriting (unfortunately) and the main one always seems to be to use a rhyme scheme. In literature, it was taught to me as “abab cdcd”.

“The rain in Spain

stays mainly in the plain”

This is a tried and true approach, but for me….very boring, if done every time. Remember, in music: Rule Number One-no rules. (my only rule)

I thought about good examples of this and a good one that came to mind for me is Nick Lowe’s song “Cracking Up”. There are two good examples here of playing with timing and rhyming.

“At dead of night time, at crack of dawn
It comes upon me without warning”

In this example you can see he didn’t say “warn”-he said “warning”. Simple, but really effective.

“Cracking up, Like a worn out shoe
Ain't wet, but the world leakin' through”

In this example you can see his timing is metered slightly different….just enough to make it more interesting. It keeps you excited and paying attention, which is always the trick: don’t lose em’!

There are other lines in this song with similar treatment, which makes it very worthy of further study. Nick is a master.

Until next time, have fun while learning to make music!